Sunday, February 21, 2010

On My Way To Costa Rica

Well, tonight I am boarding a plane bound for Costa Rica. Not to surf, or mountain hike, but to be a part of the lives of some amazing young people in Youth With A Mission. These are missionaries from all over the world who have come together to learn; about God, about each other, and about themselves. I will be teaching them on the importance of worshiping Jesus in our lives as Christians, as people breathing for that matter. These schools always turn out incredibly amazing because there is such tremendous breakthrough. You can't talk about worshiping Jesus, have a guitar nearby, and not end up on your face crying out in joy and thanksgiving and praise to the One who gave you everything you will ever need to triumph in this life, not to mention the gift of knowing Him throughout the whole process. That's just too cool. My most difficult thing to be able to do is to talk about the Lord and what He has done for me, and not stop to get on my own knees to worship. It is simple. I am just very aware of what He has done for me in my life, and I don't care that someone else may not have a clue of what I mean. I have learned that if I bring my relationship with the Lord with me wherever I go, people bump into Him, and their lives are changed forever.

So, I am confident that when I leave for Costa Rica, someone on the plane will be changed forever. Someone in the city of San Jose will be changed forever. Someone in the classroom at YWAM will be changed forever. This is why I get on that plane tonight and leave my family for a week. If you think about it, throw a prayer or two up for me and my family as this week unfolds. Should be a good one!!