Saturday, November 30, 2013

Atlanta Dream Center School Of Ministry

Ministering at Atlanta Dream Center's School of Ministry in Atlanta, Georgia

I was asked by my dear friend Dan Palmer to come and teach his students on whatever I sensed from Holy Spirit the students needed to learn.  Wow!  What an opportunity to wait on the Lord, and to teach whatever He is laying on my heart to teach.  This is the best kind of opportunity for me!

As I sought the Lord on what to speak on, He shared with me about His heart for them to know His Spirit.  The Holy Spirit! I love to share with people about Holy Spirit.  

I taught about Holy Spirit in a perspective of being the Spirit of Truth, as opposed to satan, who is the father of all lies.  It set up a point of view that I don't know the students had ever understood before.  There is indeed a battle for our hearts, and the mind is the battlefield.  I shared about the fall of Lucifer, his sin in Heaven, what his sin was all about, and how he lures us into the same sin.  That sin, is this desire in our hearts: "I will be like God".  References are Revelation 12:7-9, Ezekiel 28, Isaiah 14:12-17.  In Genesis 3, we see that satan entices Adam and Eve, challenging the very words of God, and luring them into eating the fruit, to " like God".  Sin, all sin, can be traced back to this motivation in the heart, to be like God.  Look at all of your sins you have committed in your life.  Can they be sourced to this heart motivation?  To be like God, over your own decisions, your own opinions, your own judgments of others, or yourself?  The answer must be yes.  

I shared that, in Revelation 12, it shares that satan leads the world astray, deceiving them with words, from people we love, who themselves are imprisoned by the very lies they share.  This immediately began to connect with the students, whose parents have beaten them, are addicted to alcohol and drugs, are divorced, have rejected them, have spoken horrible things over them, or who have left them to fend for themselves in this life.  All lies spoken against us, or over us, can be traced back to rejection and/or abandonment by someone we loved, and needed to love us.  This sets us up for the enemy to lead us astray.  As a result, wounded children grow up with those wounds, parenting their own children through those very wounds, and in effect, giving those wounds to their own children.  The cycle continues until Holy Spirit shares the truth of the Father's heart for us, satan's lies are exposed as just that, we allow the Jesus to heal our hearts, we forgive those very people who wounded us, and celebrate the very Truth who set us free.  

I shared that the enemy is jealous OF us, and God, our Heavenly Father, is jealous FOR us.  We get the intimacy that Lucifer had with the Triune God and lost, and the satan gets judgment, and eternal separation from the One God.  God so wants to be with us, His kids, that He offered His only Son, Jesus, to get us back.  He is jealous FOR us! The choice, the magnificent wonderful ability to choose, is ours.  Our choice in the matter, proves more than anything the perfection of the love of God.  If we choose sin, to live in sin, and to try to free ourselves from the lies that control our heart motivations, He still loves us.  He loves us all the way to Himself.

One young lady going through deliverance, surrounded by friends supporting her freedom
I shared the role of the Holy Spirit, through His gifts, and motivated by His fruits (character) is show us the Truth of God's heart for us, and to give us true intimacy with Him through our Christ, our Savior.  The result was beautiful.  We had so many deliverances from satan's lies, healings from wounds, and true hope entered our hearts.  We worshiped our faces off! Friday, the last day, we worshipped for hours!  

Teaching in the School of Worship

This was a wonderful trip, and I thank God for the opportunity to minister, to train, to equip people with the real Holy Spirit, with real relationship with Jesus, and to set people free from captivity.  Isaiah 61:1-4.