Monday, February 14, 2011

Always Let Love

Happy Valentine's Day everybody! Love is an untamed unpredictable force that has you singing with the birds one minute, and singing the blues the next. Never try to tame it, for it is it's best when it is wild and free. To know love, you must risk everything, and when love sees the risk you take, you will earn love's attention, gain it's service, and it will win her heart and pull her to you. But love is the only thing that truly wins the heart of another. Be good to love, and never control it, or it will leave you and find another who cherishes and cares for it. Always let love show you what you cannot see yourself.
Love is superhero. It has x-ray vision into the hearts of others. It has ability to withstand amazing suffering for others. It always believes the best in people. If you let love, it will show you revelations about everyone around you, it will free you from your cycles of pain and loneliness, it will turn you from selfish to selfless in a minute, and it makes you want to help people around you. If you let love, it will teach you. How to love. How to listen when you don't want to. How to do things when you don't want to. How love things you don't want to. Because love rescues from the prison that can be your self and frees you to the limitless possibility of helping others. If you let love, it will show how to truly live.

If you let love....

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Salvation @ 35,000 Feet

Last week, I was in Costa Rica, and had an amazing time with the staff and students at the YWAM base there, as I just shared with all of you in my last blog. What I didn't share with you yet about that trip has to do with my trip home. I was originally scheduled to fly home by way of Houston. Because of the snow storm over alf the country however, Houston airport shut down. I had to fly through Newark, New Jersey. So, from San Jose, Costa Rica to Newark. Ten from Newark to Los Angeles. Ahhhh! I was bummed but at least I could get home. I was counting my blessings when the Lord spoke to me to be alert and ready, because He was going to lead someone to me so I could listen to them and lead them to Him. I couldn't wait!

From Cota Rica to Newark, nothing happened. I met people here and there, but clearly not anything like I sensed from the Lord. I waited. I got off my flight in Newark, and quickly boarded my plane bound for Los Angeles. As I was getting on the plane, a male flight attendant greeted me as I went to take my seat. Instantly, I knew that I was to speak to this man. I prayed, and I felt like God told me that this man would come to me. So, I waited. We too off, and by the time we were a few minutes in the air, I absolutely fell sound asleep. A hour later, I woke up and watched a movie. After the movie was over, we were right at half-way to Los Angeles. Well, to be honest, I had to stretch my legs, and to go to the bathroom as well. As I walked to the back of the plane, I saw there was a small line for me to wait in. I waited, and as I became te next one in line, I waited just beside where this man was seated. He noticed I was wearing a Costa Rica hat, and spoke to me, asking if I were from there. Examined to him that I was teaching missionaries abou God, their identity in Him, and their purpose on this earth to know Him, His ways, and then to give Him away to all who don't know Im yet. I shared that I am a musician, and we do concerts, and raise awareness for orphans, prostitution ministries, homeless ministries, home building initiatives, and other platforms to give Christ's love away. He asked how did I come to end up doing this? I shared with him my testimony of a life of rejection, insecurity, loneliness, hurt, and fear of never eing loved that drove me into a life of drugs, partying, and ultimate despair. I shared how God was my Hero, my Rescuer, my Savior, and my Lord. He stopped me, and asked me to come to the center of the plane wit him.

It was there that he told me that he lost his wife the year before to a heart attack. He shared that he was so lonely and at he cannot trust people. He asked me to help him. I told him that the only answer I could give Him IS the only answer there is. I asked Him if he wanted to give his life to Jesus as is, and told him that Jesus loved him as is. I told Him that Jesus was with us at 35,000 feet, and that He so wanted to live with him forever. My friend began to weep a deep sob of loss for his wife, and then a deeper sob of a little boy who just wanted to be loved by someone who would not leave him. I prayed with him, and he gave his life to Jesus right there in the center galley, by a new line of people waiting to go to the bathroom.

Lord, thank you for my friend, and I pray that he comes to know as I know you. As my Father, who will never leave me. Who will always love me, and work all things for good over me. Thank you for using me to bring your son home. I ready for your next kid. Use me!!

Your son, Kenny

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

My Time In Costa Rica With Youth With A Mission

Last week, I traveled to San Jose, Costa Rica to visit the Youth With A Mission base there.  I have dear friends I have made over the years there, and I was asked to come and speak to the new students in the School of Worship, and in the Discipleship Training Schools currently underway there.  I was so amazed at the level of growth during the week with students.  Most of these students came from deep religious backgrounds, so they knew the scriptures by memory, but were so jaded and hardened at the same time.  Many had deep disappointments, many had serious wounds from church, from parents, from friends, etc.  God began to address heart conditions almost immediately from day one.  He moved in the way of words of knowledge and prophetic words over many students over the first two days.  God was calling people's identity and destinies to them, and addressing any lies and comparisons that ruled their mindsets.  There was a lot of tension, followed by lots of personal decisions made for more of God, and then incredible breakthrough for the students.  By Thursday, we were all packed in the vans going to the beach, because 26 students wanted to be baptized!  Oh yeah!  26!  We had a great day together, the trip alone was so much fun.  By the time we got there, it was time for a game of futbol! I scored three times.  Had to share that.  Old man still has it!  Or a little bit of it left.

After a good game, it was time to get in the water, and dunk some "old man".  I explained to them that this is much much more than mere symbolism.  This was a radical choice to leave what the world calls "normal" in the way of earthly, worldly thinking, and embrace a life the Lord Jesus bought for us on the Cross so long ago.  "We are buried with Christ unto the baptism of the death of the old man.", I would tell them.  "We are then raised with Christ into brand new life forevermore."  "Is that what you want?" "YES!!", they would scream.  I asked them if they had any last words before the old man died a watery death.  So many of them wanted me to hold them down under the water an extra 5, 10, even 15 seconds before we would pull them back up.  Some sang a song of declaration, some gave incredible statements of determination and life purpose unto the Lord.  This was certain.  They knew what they were doing.  They were dedicating their lives that very moment to the purposes and dreams of God for their lives.  I was so moved.  That day, I was able to baptize heroes, and champions.  I was deeply humbled.

God, I pray that I never stop giving You away to others, and You never stop sending me to them.  I am Your son and vessel FOREVER!!