Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas At The Peavy's

Can I brag? We are here in Boise, Idaho spending Christmas with Rebekah's family. We have been having such a great time up here. This morning the kids woke us up with screams of excitement, because Santa had come and left amazing gifts. We got up, and passed all the presents out, and had so much fun. Then, we had an amazing time of prayer. This is when it got good. As we gave thanks to our God for His many blessings, we began to realize that all of us love God, follow God, have been or are currently in ministry, and have a passion for missions.

I mean, Jacob (brother-in-law) went to the Brownsville School Of Ministry during the historic revival there, studied under Pastor Kilpatrick, Steve Hillqand and graduated as a pastor. He and Erica, his awesome wife are preparing to start a youth ministry here in Nampa. Cosmo (brother-in-law) is a minister from Nagaland, India. Sarah (sister-in-law) graduated from Asbury College and works for the Boise Rescue Mission. Kevin (older brother)is spending this Christmas in Nepal with our dear friends with whom he was a missionary for years. He was also a missionary to Thailand for years as well. Kevin is called to the nations! Keith (younger brother) led his wife, Carina, to the Lord, and they live in Norway, a light to that nation. They have traveled back to Georgia this Christmas to be that same light to Carina's family. Rebekah's mom and dad have been on missions trips with Rebekah and me, with Sara and Cosmo, and on their own as well. They love missions, and have a passion to see others come to have a personal relationship with Jesus. My mom and dad have been traveling to the nations for years, and fund many non-profits and missions organizations. Through the years, it may have been rebekah and me on a missions trip leading teams, or Cosmo and Sarah in a nation ministering, or whoever. No matter what our family each rise up t support the others t get them where God is telling them to go.

I realized this morning a glimpse of the amazing feats God has accomplished in the generations of our family, and I saw the legacy my children are already beginning to walk in. Because of God's unfailing love for us, and because we turned our hearts to Him and repented of our sins, because we asked Him to invade our lives and rescue us t Himself, and because of His great power to redeem us t His dreams for us, we are one big Christ-dependent, missions-loving, evangelistic, sold out family who's members love God and one another. We genuinely want to see each other flourish in the blessings and favor of God. We are a family that speaks life over each other, and loves to support each other. I saw this morning just how awesome this family really is, and I wanna say thank you God for my wonderful family.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Risen From The Dead: In LA California

So last night I get a text from Giorgi and Leo from LA, young friends of ours whos baby, Vita, has been in NICU since her birth, 14 months ago! Her lungs have not developed and she has been on the ventilator ever since he birth, and the doctors had told her as we were there just last Monday to prepare for her baby to die. We have been praying however for God to have the final say, as the authority to determine a life's fate is not man's but God's alone.

Well, last night, at about 12:00 midnight, Giorgi called me and let me know that w e were in the fight for Vita's life, because Vita was unresponsive, and her heart beat was not being picked up anymore. We immediately began to pray for Vita from where we are, which is Boise, ID. Our dear friends, Rene and Rena Cruz rushed to the hospital to be there in person with Giorgi and Leo, and Vita, and to war in the spirit for Vita's life. Rebekah and I interceded on Giorgi's speaker phone, and Leo played the guitar and worshiped over Vita's lifeless body. For 6 minutes, Vita was gone. The doctors tried to rescicitate her, but to no avail. We continued to pray, war, and worship, declaring, screaming, shouting, claiming the truths God has spoken over Vita's life. The warfare was so intense guys. Afer 6 minutes, all of a sudden, precious Vita opened her eyes and locked on to Leo, her daddy. The monitors began to pick up baby Vita's heartbeat! The doctors were stunned. Get this, thea doctors tested her heart and it was fine! They checked he pulse ox, and it was fine! No brain damage! We are stunned, but we serve a mighty God, to heal, and to RESSURECT!

Baby Vita is resting, and she is finally ver calm. She still is on respirator, and we are believing for her complete healing! Will you join us to par for her?

Here is the link to Giorgi's blog. Please read through from the beginning, as it all flows so well up until just this afternoon. You will be blessed by the Author o us all. He loves us, oh how He loves us.


Sunday, December 19, 2010

From LA To Costa Rica, For Many, For One

A story from the field:

I was due to speak at the Discipleship Training School a couple of years ago down in San Jose, Costa Rica at the Youth With A Mission base there (  As the plane was preparing to take off in LA, I was settling in by the window.  I laid my head back, and prayed for the flight as I always do.  As I closed my eyes, I immediately sensed that God was trying to speak to me about someone.  As I prayed, I saw a picture of a young man's face, and I sensed that I was going to meet him.  The more I thought about him, the more I knew that God wanted to reach him, and to rescue him.  I looked around on the plane, but I had a strong impression that I was going to see this guy in Costa Rica.

5 days later, on the last day of my teaching there at the YWAM base, I was walking down the street to the cafeteria, and as I was crossing the intersection, I saw a man walking in front of me, from my left to my right.  Our eyes met, and then he kept walking.  It took me a few seconds to connect this man with the one I saw as I was praying on the plane back in LA.  I was so excited to see what was going to happen.  Well, nothing happened.  He kept walking down the street and took a left into an alley.  I asked God what to do, and I sensed Him telling me to just stand there.  In the middle of the intersection!  So, I did.  As I watched where the man had gone, I saw him reemerge from the alley.  He started running toward me.  I got a bit nervous, and wanted to get out of there, because I was in a high-crime area of San Jose.  But I felt this amazing grace with me to just stand there anyway.  He ran all the way right up to me, and then suddenly stopped and fell to his knees and began to weep.  Then he spoke to me and said "Yo veo tus angelos.  Tu eres un hombre de Dios.  Por favor!  Por favor! Ayudame!  Ayudame!"  Translated, "I see your angels.  You are a man of God.  Please! Please! Help me! Help me!" I definitely do not think of myself as a super spiritual guy, but this guy said that he saw angels standing beside me!  Are you serious???  I was so humbled.

I knew that God was using me in that moment, and I felt the story of His love welling up inside me to share with him.  I told this young man how God showed him to me while I was on the plane in Los Angeles, and how God had sent me from Los Angeles down to Costa Rica just so I could meet him.  I told him that I had been looking for him everywhere, and I was so excited to meet him.   I told him that God had a plan for his life, and He so loved him that He sent me to find him, to reach him, and to give him this news of this amazing love of the One who made him.  He sobbed, then reached into his pocket, and gave me a large zip-lok filled with all kinds of pills.  See, he was on his way to the alley to take all of them to kill himself at that moment.  Right there in the middle of the intersection, with cars driving by us, he gave his life to Jesus.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

It Is Time To Trust Again

So many people these days have too many reasons not to trust anyone, and they are probably all good ones in one sense.  I used to be there.  But, I have come to the conclusion, that when you don't trust anyone for anything  (usually because someone has shown you that you can't trust that person) we tend to try and do all things on your own.  We cannot need anyone, because it will make us vulnerable again.  So, nobody can get it done like we can, because nobody will care about us as much as we do.  Well, the problem with that is we have certain trade-offs with that kind of perspective.

For example, the only way that nobody can hurt you is for nobody to be able to get to you, reach you.  So, you have a choice to put everyone in a prison behind bars so to speak, which is not realistic.  That's a lot of people!  OR, the other choice we make is the easier one, and the silent one.  We protect ourselves by placing ourselves behind bars.  We place ourselves in a prison and the bars are the very lies we have bought and placed high value on.  We become the biggest skeptic of all ways, forms, visions, directions, leaders, and even God. That way, NOBODY can EVER get in to hurt me.  Yet you are all alone at your own hand.

I pose to you this.  You have someone who knows everything you have been going through, because He can slip right through the bars.  He has been through every human emotion, human disappointment, human failure, human betrayal, and human loneliness you have and can possibly imagine.  He knows where you are.  So, you may say, "What good is it to trust if you know you are going to be let down by others?"  I get that a lot.  My answer is simple.  "What good is it to protect your heart so much, that you can't live in freedom at all?" It comes down to this.  Who do you trust?  The very protection of your heart can be a barrier to the very One who IS your Protector.  Is imprisoning your own heart, and limiting yourselves to others really the best answer?  Better than running to the remotest parts of the desert to build your safe place, alone, is running to the One who has been "in your shoes", and knows how to help you.  His name is Jesus.  He has been there all along.  The Bible says He bore all sins of man.  He took it all, every manipulation, every deceit, every lie, every accusation, every wound, every painful memory, every condemning thought, every judgment, everything!  And with the greatest act of compassion man has ever received, God answered His prayer and forgave man, and gave him access to intimacy with Him under a new covenant, or testament.  He also offers the same compassion to you to forgive.  I have learned this in my life through my own trials, my own seasons of betrayal, and my own seasons of letting them go.  The Word says, "For the joy set before Him, He endured the Cross.  What is that joy?  I know it was to be with His Father in Heaven for one, but I personally believe also it was you and me.  WE are the joy that He hoped for when He endured the Cross.  He has the power to defeat anything, and all things that currently defeating you even as you read this.

Just a thought I had this rainy day in LA.  Should I live in fear of being wounded, because of all those who have wounded me, or should I give them the One who made them, let Him come and heal my heart, and trust Him to get me back on my feet in His freedom? I choose to trust Him to protect me, and I choose to be fully alive.  I choose to be confident in who I am, because who I am is completely found in Him, not man.  I trust Him with my life!  Can you say that?


Saturday, November 20, 2010

It Is Time For SOCAL To Burn With PASSION FOR CHRIST: Raised2walk and Regeneration Ministries Partner For The School Of Transformation

Well, I am coming to an end of a season of ministry (7 years exactly November 17).  God is showing us that Raised2walk is to focus more at home these days, while still leading outreaches from Southern California to the nations.  With that, we are transitioning to partner with REgeneration, a powerful ministry under Agape Ministries to form a discipleship school here in Los Angeles called The School of Transformation (

Rebekah and I are so excited and committed to this school that I am canceling most of my speaking engagements so far in 2011 in order to be here in Los Angeles to personally mentor and disciple the students who come to participate in this school.  Rebekah and I want to offer our selective time to this school, and to our dear friend, Steve Chua, who is directing this school, in order to help educate, train, renew, refresh, to love, to nourish, to equip, and to release strong men and women who want all God has for them in exchange for their lives.

In this school, we are gonna be teaching and imparting in the following areas dear to our hearts:

1st Semester

-  Discerning the voice of God
-  Growing In Intimacy
-  Identity Transformation
-  Breaking Free To Your Destiny
-  Fostering the Presence of God
-  Developing A Radical Prayer Life
-  Empowered With Favor and Blessing On Your Life
-  Establishing His Kingdom Within

2nd Semester

-  Kingdom Authority And Kingdom Leadership
-  Transforming The Seven Mountains Of Culture
-  Moving Naturally Supernaturally
-  Releasing Your Prophetic Gift
-  Radical Evangelism
-  Discovering Your Five Fold Destiny
-  Kingdom Invasion In The Market Place
-  The Keys To Total Transformation For The Rest Of Your Life

I don't know, these are the ones we know we are going to be imparting!  There may be many more topics as we go!

We are going to have speakers really anointed speakers and trainers who are gifted from God to speak and train, but better yet, are called to be spiritual fathers and mothers over this generation in Los Angeles.  The difference in this school than any other I personally speak at is one thing.  Fathering/mothering.  It is the key to bring someone into their destiny with confidence in who they are and Who's they are.  It means all the difference to raise up successful men and women in the Kingdom of God.

As far us, I know this fact.  God is looking for the ones who will take His love to the nations, and to their own back yards.  We have been to over 60 nations over the past 20 years, and we are sensing that it is time to do what is so deep in our hearts, and that is to raise up a generation right here in Los Angeles, California.

For more info on this school, please check out the Regeneration School of Transformation, and let us know if you would want to run with us for 6 months, and to grow leaps and bounds in the Word, in the Spirit, and in your life with Jesus Christ.

Here is a promo link to the school as well:


Saturday, September 18, 2010

I Love Family: It is EVERTHING

My mom and dad got married in 1965.  They are still married.  They never divorced, and never cheated on each other.  My dad never did drugs, and neither did my mom.  They are Christians and have been all of my life.  They are still in love, and although gross at times, I absolutely LOVE the fact that they are.  They raised my two brothers and me.  They raised us to have discipline, self respect, honor, dignity, to serve others, to love others, to love ourselves, to be proud of who we are.  They raised us to bring the best out in others, to give is better than to receive.  My parents modeled these things to us, and this is why we remember them.  My parents were and still are hard workers.  Two of the hardest I have ever seen.  When my dad says yes about something, he means yes.  Otherwise, he would have said something else.  His "No's" also mean "no" every time.  He taught me to say what I mean, and to mean what I say.  He taught me to speak the truth in love, and to love wisdom.  Look for it everywhere.  My parents.  My dad is one of my best friends to this day.

My wife's parents married in 1969.  They are still married.  They have never divorced, and have never cheated on one another.  They did drugs, but soon gave their lives to Jesus early in their marriage.  They have been in love with each other their entire marriage.  They raised three amazing children, who all are now married to wonderful Christian spouses.  They are the tightest family I have ever known.  Their extended family flies in from up state, and out of state just for their birthdays.  That's close.  And expensive.  I love their love for each other.  My parents-in-law are missionaries too.  They love mission trips.  They have been with us one of our trips to Uganda, and have been to India with their oldest daughter and her husband.  They have been to Hong Kong, Honduras, and other international missions trips as well.  They are two models of consistency with love, sacrifice, dedication, support, reliability, hard hard work, humility, and servant hood to their family, and to others.  I am incredibly grateful to have them in my life and to be able to marry into their family as their "son".  I have learned so much from watching this family operate.

I married my wife in 1995, and we are still married.  I have never cheated on my wife and she has never cheated on me.  I have done drugs before I gave my heart to Jesus in 1991, June 29.  Rebekah has never drank, done drugs, and was a virgin we were married.  She has loved Jesus all her life, and taught me what purity was, what it looked like, and how it lived daily in relationships with others.  I have been blessed with a woman only Jesus said I deserved.  By all other rights, she is way out of my league.  She has taught me so much about family, and about what my intentions can and should be for everything I do.  We have 4 beautiful children.  2 boys and 2 girls.

I used to think this life was about me, and me alone.  As we have grown in our marriage, I have learned that as I make life about God, my wife, my children, and our families, I grow more than I ever could if I were thinking and living for... me.  It is because family is the number one priority for Rebekah and me that our family will indeed yield families for life.  It is about resolve in the struggle.  To never quit or give up simply because relationships are difficult.  Rebekah and I said that we were married until the death of one of us, or both of us.  We meant it.  Cheating is not an option.  We forfeited the right.  Giving up on each other is not an option.  We fight sometimes, but it is to be resolved ALWAYS.  God is the head of our family.  He is the Provider, He is the Counselor, He is the Teacher, He is the Corrector, and He is the Protector.  Rebekah knows how to be a wife, because the example she had before her, and because of her obedience to God.  I know how to be a husband because of the two amazing examples before me in my father and father-in-law, and because of my obedience to God.  This recipe is tried and true.  It will produce great children, who will know right from wrong, and who will know how to walk out the right way with resolve, with strength, and with compassion for others.  They will have to make their choices and will make mistakes, but we will be there for them, always.  Because we are FAMILY.

I love my family.  We are a big family now, and getting bigger.  God loves us, and we love God, and we love each other, and we will be there for each other.  With family with me, the world can turn against me, and I will never feel alone.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

On My Way To Costa Rica

Well, tonight I am boarding a plane bound for Costa Rica. Not to surf, or mountain hike, but to be a part of the lives of some amazing young people in Youth With A Mission. These are missionaries from all over the world who have come together to learn; about God, about each other, and about themselves. I will be teaching them on the importance of worshiping Jesus in our lives as Christians, as people breathing for that matter. These schools always turn out incredibly amazing because there is such tremendous breakthrough. You can't talk about worshiping Jesus, have a guitar nearby, and not end up on your face crying out in joy and thanksgiving and praise to the One who gave you everything you will ever need to triumph in this life, not to mention the gift of knowing Him throughout the whole process. That's just too cool. My most difficult thing to be able to do is to talk about the Lord and what He has done for me, and not stop to get on my own knees to worship. It is simple. I am just very aware of what He has done for me in my life, and I don't care that someone else may not have a clue of what I mean. I have learned that if I bring my relationship with the Lord with me wherever I go, people bump into Him, and their lives are changed forever.

So, I am confident that when I leave for Costa Rica, someone on the plane will be changed forever. Someone in the city of San Jose will be changed forever. Someone in the classroom at YWAM will be changed forever. This is why I get on that plane tonight and leave my family for a week. If you think about it, throw a prayer or two up for me and my family as this week unfolds. Should be a good one!!