Saturday, November 20, 2010

It Is Time For SOCAL To Burn With PASSION FOR CHRIST: Raised2walk and Regeneration Ministries Partner For The School Of Transformation

Well, I am coming to an end of a season of ministry (7 years exactly November 17).  God is showing us that Raised2walk is to focus more at home these days, while still leading outreaches from Southern California to the nations.  With that, we are transitioning to partner with REgeneration, a powerful ministry under Agape Ministries to form a discipleship school here in Los Angeles called The School of Transformation (

Rebekah and I are so excited and committed to this school that I am canceling most of my speaking engagements so far in 2011 in order to be here in Los Angeles to personally mentor and disciple the students who come to participate in this school.  Rebekah and I want to offer our selective time to this school, and to our dear friend, Steve Chua, who is directing this school, in order to help educate, train, renew, refresh, to love, to nourish, to equip, and to release strong men and women who want all God has for them in exchange for their lives.

In this school, we are gonna be teaching and imparting in the following areas dear to our hearts:

1st Semester

-  Discerning the voice of God
-  Growing In Intimacy
-  Identity Transformation
-  Breaking Free To Your Destiny
-  Fostering the Presence of God
-  Developing A Radical Prayer Life
-  Empowered With Favor and Blessing On Your Life
-  Establishing His Kingdom Within

2nd Semester

-  Kingdom Authority And Kingdom Leadership
-  Transforming The Seven Mountains Of Culture
-  Moving Naturally Supernaturally
-  Releasing Your Prophetic Gift
-  Radical Evangelism
-  Discovering Your Five Fold Destiny
-  Kingdom Invasion In The Market Place
-  The Keys To Total Transformation For The Rest Of Your Life

I don't know, these are the ones we know we are going to be imparting!  There may be many more topics as we go!

We are going to have speakers really anointed speakers and trainers who are gifted from God to speak and train, but better yet, are called to be spiritual fathers and mothers over this generation in Los Angeles.  The difference in this school than any other I personally speak at is one thing.  Fathering/mothering.  It is the key to bring someone into their destiny with confidence in who they are and Who's they are.  It means all the difference to raise up successful men and women in the Kingdom of God.

As far us, I know this fact.  God is looking for the ones who will take His love to the nations, and to their own back yards.  We have been to over 60 nations over the past 20 years, and we are sensing that it is time to do what is so deep in our hearts, and that is to raise up a generation right here in Los Angeles, California.

For more info on this school, please check out the Regeneration School of Transformation, and let us know if you would want to run with us for 6 months, and to grow leaps and bounds in the Word, in the Spirit, and in your life with Jesus Christ.

Here is a promo link to the school as well: