Monday, May 11, 2015

Raised2walk Travels To Kona, Hawaii to YWAM

Ministering to students giving their lives to Christ
This trip to Kona Hawaii was so special because I got to bring two special bros in my life, Daniel Vincent, and James Jackson. They were so "instrumental" in what God did in the lives of everyone in the school. This school is called the Engage DTS, or Discipleship Training School. This school is designed to disciple young men and women to be missionaries of the Gospel of the Kingdom into the nations.  From the first minute on Monday, we jumped into new territory with the Holy Spirit, as He poured out His presence over all of us. It wasn't long until people were drawn into new understanding and encounters with the REAL God. Two main reactions happened that always show me evidence that the Kingdom is at hand. People were drawn to God with repentance, and people were super angry at what was happening. The end result was massive tension, which is what He always produces when His Kingdom invades a room. Unbelief is attacked with His active and overwhelming love that is so real and so specific to each person, they feel that they are the only one He is speaking to and loving on. Yet, He was loving on everyone in the room. In total, 13 people gave their lives to Jesus this week, and 21 came to be baptized in the ocean, right in front of King Kamehameha Hotel, and in front of many tourists from all over the world.  There were so many emotional healings and deliverances this week as well. A deliverance occurs when individuals are set free from various strongholds. Strongholds are patterns of thinking we cannot break, because they are founded or rooted in lies we have accepted, defended, and acted out of pertaining to "heart wounds" from others, or from ourselves.  This was a week of transformation, where the Bible came to life for these guys. They are sold out, hungry for more of the Lord, and passionate to love the unlovable all the way to Jesus. They are excited to preach the Gospel, do the works of the Kingdom, and disciple the nations! For those who support Raised2walk, we could not do this without you. Thank you so much for sending us!! Enjoy the pictures and captions. You helped make this happen. #Kingdom #Raised2walk #TEAM

Baptizing students in King Kamehameha inlet
Students honoring and praising their leaders and staff members

Students line up to bless the feet of the staff members who will lead them into the nations

These students publicly declared Jesus as the Christ, and were baptized!

Engage DTS 2015

Everyone attacked those baptized with words of love affirmation and encouragement

Saturday, November 30, 2013

Atlanta Dream Center School Of Ministry

Ministering at Atlanta Dream Center's School of Ministry in Atlanta, Georgia

I was asked by my dear friend Dan Palmer to come and teach his students on whatever I sensed from Holy Spirit the students needed to learn.  Wow!  What an opportunity to wait on the Lord, and to teach whatever He is laying on my heart to teach.  This is the best kind of opportunity for me!

As I sought the Lord on what to speak on, He shared with me about His heart for them to know His Spirit.  The Holy Spirit! I love to share with people about Holy Spirit.  

I taught about Holy Spirit in a perspective of being the Spirit of Truth, as opposed to satan, who is the father of all lies.  It set up a point of view that I don't know the students had ever understood before.  There is indeed a battle for our hearts, and the mind is the battlefield.  I shared about the fall of Lucifer, his sin in Heaven, what his sin was all about, and how he lures us into the same sin.  That sin, is this desire in our hearts: "I will be like God".  References are Revelation 12:7-9, Ezekiel 28, Isaiah 14:12-17.  In Genesis 3, we see that satan entices Adam and Eve, challenging the very words of God, and luring them into eating the fruit, to " like God".  Sin, all sin, can be traced back to this motivation in the heart, to be like God.  Look at all of your sins you have committed in your life.  Can they be sourced to this heart motivation?  To be like God, over your own decisions, your own opinions, your own judgments of others, or yourself?  The answer must be yes.  

I shared that, in Revelation 12, it shares that satan leads the world astray, deceiving them with words, from people we love, who themselves are imprisoned by the very lies they share.  This immediately began to connect with the students, whose parents have beaten them, are addicted to alcohol and drugs, are divorced, have rejected them, have spoken horrible things over them, or who have left them to fend for themselves in this life.  All lies spoken against us, or over us, can be traced back to rejection and/or abandonment by someone we loved, and needed to love us.  This sets us up for the enemy to lead us astray.  As a result, wounded children grow up with those wounds, parenting their own children through those very wounds, and in effect, giving those wounds to their own children.  The cycle continues until Holy Spirit shares the truth of the Father's heart for us, satan's lies are exposed as just that, we allow the Jesus to heal our hearts, we forgive those very people who wounded us, and celebrate the very Truth who set us free.  

I shared that the enemy is jealous OF us, and God, our Heavenly Father, is jealous FOR us.  We get the intimacy that Lucifer had with the Triune God and lost, and the satan gets judgment, and eternal separation from the One God.  God so wants to be with us, His kids, that He offered His only Son, Jesus, to get us back.  He is jealous FOR us! The choice, the magnificent wonderful ability to choose, is ours.  Our choice in the matter, proves more than anything the perfection of the love of God.  If we choose sin, to live in sin, and to try to free ourselves from the lies that control our heart motivations, He still loves us.  He loves us all the way to Himself.

One young lady going through deliverance, surrounded by friends supporting her freedom
I shared the role of the Holy Spirit, through His gifts, and motivated by His fruits (character) is show us the Truth of God's heart for us, and to give us true intimacy with Him through our Christ, our Savior.  The result was beautiful.  We had so many deliverances from satan's lies, healings from wounds, and true hope entered our hearts.  We worshiped our faces off! Friday, the last day, we worshipped for hours!  

Teaching in the School of Worship

This was a wonderful trip, and I thank God for the opportunity to minister, to train, to equip people with the real Holy Spirit, with real relationship with Jesus, and to set people free from captivity.  Isaiah 61:1-4.

Friday, December 28, 2012

2012 Raised2walk Year End Recap

WOW!  What an incredible Year!  This year started out quickly and didn't let up at all until this Christmas.  Let's see where to begin....  

Worship at Pasadena House of Prayer

Please pray about supporting Raised2walk in 2013
Please click HERE.  

2012 Summary

All in all, there were 247 salvations that we personally know of and have recorded through Kenny's teachings this year, and there are many, many, more that we have heard of, but have not been able to verify.  Kenny personally baptized 87 people this year.  We spoke to audiences with as few as 25 and as many as 2,000. It didn't matter.  For every time that God spoke, people responded in repentance, and there was incredible breakthrough!

Also, through Through Global Media Outreach, we are leading dozens of people to Jesus each week!  Check it out here at, and ask us about this amazing innovation to reach the nations with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  Kenny has led more than 100 people to Jesus this year alone through GMO.

Kenny leads worship at New Life Church, Temecula, California
We had the opportunities to speak, teach, train and lead worship in many churches, youth groups, conferences, outreaches, missions organizations and more.  We traveled to Kona, Hawaii several times (TO TEACH, HONEST), Pismo Beach, California, Ensenada, Mexico, Tijuana Mexico, Catalina Island, CA, Hollywood, CA, Atlanta, GA, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, Torrance, CA, Las Vegas, NV, Nashville, TN, Temecula, CA, San Diego, CA, Toccoa, GA, and Walnut, CA.  Kenny traveled to many of these cities multiple times throughout the year to teach on the Word, and to disciple many young groups.  The testimonies are too many to recount here and now, but Kenny will be sharing some of them with you in the new year.

Here are some of the ministries and organizations Raised2walk worked with this year:

  1. HRock Church (Every Sunday, Kenny leads worship at HRock Church)
  2. Georgia Men's Advance (Kenny was asked to be main speaker with Mark Rutland)
  3. Youth With A Mission Kona (Kenny teaches 4 times per year @ YWAM Kona)
  4. Youth With A Mission San Diego/Baja
  5. Youth With A Mission Pismo Beach
  6. Radiance International House of Prayer  
  7. Youth With A Mission Nashville 
  8. Youth With A Mission Santo Domingo
  9. Atlanta Dream Center & Master's Commission
  10. Holy Spirit Encounter
  11. Regeneration
  12. New Life Church
  13. Sarang Church Of San Diego
The Peavy Family

Kenny teaches at YWAM in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic
New Year, New Season
  • A Home For Good - We Need Your Help With This One CLICK HERE
    • God is showing us that we are to make all efforts to move closer to Pasadena, where most of our local ministry is focused.  We do not own a home, and have been renting a house for 4 years now.  We believe God is moving us toward owning a home. We have NO idea how this is going to happen, but we believe with all our hearts that He is doing it, which means it is already a done deal!  Please be praying into that, as a miracle with our name on it is required.  If you feel led to partner with us to help us get into our permanent home, please CLICK HERE and the instructions will walk you through. Please identify your gift with the word "HOME".  We know that his sounds crazy to ask for help with a home, but He said to communicate it, so we are.  This will be our home base, our anchor, our sense of normalcy, our privacy, our consistency for our children, and everything a family needs for its health.                                                                                                              WE ARE SO GRATEFUL ALREADY FOR YOUR LOVE AND SUPPORT!  
  • Less Travel, More People, Finances
    • We feel God is pulling Kenny's travels back to more of a local reach for 2013.  He will still travel to speak and lead worship as God leads, but we believe this has to do with several strategies. 
      • Being home with family is top priority, because family comes first.  
      • More time committed to recording projects, and for Kenny's songs to be released to the nations, as well as raising up musicians and worship leaders.  
      • More ministry opportunities with houses of prayer and local ministries in Los Angeles, Southern California for both Kenny and Rebekah (Rebekah has strong word for 2013 and her ministry opportunities exploding).  We believe God is opening doors to more people who need to hear the Gospel right HERE in LA.  
      • We are asking that you consider supporting Raised2walk ministry in 2013.  Please pray about supporting the vision of revival, and discipleship in Pasadena, Los Angeles, Southern California.  
  • Long-Term Commitment To Discipleship (Worship)
    • God has shown Kenny of a 10-year vision to grow a culture of worship in churches, houses of prayer, and missions organizations in Southern California.  "From intimacy with Jesus, to the mission field with Kingdom POWER".  This has to do with short and long-term training schools, recording projects, song writing seminars, discipleship training and more for those who will be called to participate.  We need your prayers for this.       More on this in January.  
  • Kenny and Rebekah are Part-Time Pastors
    • We are serving at HRock Church in Pasadena in a part-time capacity as part of our hearts to minister to the younger generation in Los Angeles.  Kenny is worship pastor, and Rebekah pastors over moms.  Please pray for us as we follow God's will to show Jesus to a generation who has one foot in church, and another foot in Hollywood.  It is so difficult to shine His light in this city, for it will cost you everything to do so. 

Thank you for partnering with us this year, and through the years.  We love you very much and we pray God's blessings over you in the coming year!  BEST YEAR EVER FOR YOU!

God bless you!  

Kenny and Rebekah Peavy & Raised2walk Team

Saturday, October 6, 2012

A Wonderful Night With Hollywood's Future Actors

My wife and I mentor several young couples.  Many of them are actors and actresses in Hollywood.  One of these couples asked me to come and share at cell group they started more than 6 years ago.  As I came to share, there was already such an electricity and anticipation for the evening.  These young men and women were amazing!  As soon as I got there, my friends introduced me and I quickly got started, sharing with them the incredible BATTLE over their hearts, their minds, their identities, and their destinies.

I shared with them about Lucifer, who he was, what he did in Heaven, the intimacy he had with the Triune God, God's purpose and plan for Lucifer in Heaven.  I shared that it was in this place, that the first recorded intimacy in the Bible was found, between Lucifer and the Triune GOD!!  Here are the references for you:

1.  Ezekiel 28:11-19
2.  Isaiah 14: 12-17

Not only was the first intimacy found there, but also the first choice, and the first sin.  Did you know that the angels have a choice to follow, to serve, and to worship God?  See, the word says in Revelation 12 that Lucifer rebelled against God (choice) and 1/3 of the angels CHOSE to go and fight with him (CHOICE), and there was no longer a place found for Lucifer and for the angels who fought with him, because Lucifer had decided in his heart that "…I will be like God." (FIRST SIN).  Because of his sin against God, he was cast out of Heaven, stripped of his name, Lucifer, and given a brand, (satan, which means, deceiver, accuser, liar.

Lucifer had intimacy with God!  What the heck?!!  He lost it, and then God makes man for one purpose…intimacy.  Satan lost this intimacy, and God made us for intimacy.  Within intimacy you will find what we are all looking for everywhere…love.  You will find identity, and from this you will find purpose, and rest in that you know who you are, that you are loved, and you have purpose, all in a place of intimacy with the One who made you with those intentions from the beginning.  So, we know that satan is JEALOUS!  He lost it, can never have it again, and you have been made for it.  satan is jealous OF you, and God is jealous FOR you.  There is the battle, and we are born into it without a clue it is even there in our midst.

I shared that in this scene, there is something being fought for, greater than anything else we in ourselves possess.  It is called, your choice.  Religion kills this choice, and obligates us to things because we are supposed to, it is the right thing, and relegates us to a right/wrong works based Christianity which then implies a scale of goodness that we earn.  This is what drives the young men and women away from the church by the age of 19, with 91% never returning, raising their own kids to never go as well.  God Himself gave choice in heaven, gave choice in the garden of Eden (The two trees), and gives you and me a choice to go after Him.  He gives us a choice to love Him, but we cannot love Him out of our own abilities to love.  We need His love first.  There is your background on what I taught.

So, we asked God to reveal His love for us, and as He did, we would begin to choose to thank Him for His love.  We started right out of Psalm 100:4.  We enter His gates in thanksgiving, and enter His courts in praise.  We began to thank Him, even for the smallest things, and as we did, an incredible thing happened.  The lies of the enemy began to fall off individual people. There was sweet deliverance from lies, from general wounds, from fear, and from unbelief.  As we continued, soon, there began to be an eruption of praise.  This only comes from revelation of God as Holy Spirit reveals Jesus to us (John17).  As Holy Spirit began to speak to our hearts of God's nature and character, revealed through the love of His Son, people began to weep, to shout, to cry out, and to SING!  It was beautiful!  People were using their choices to choose Jesus because they were experiencing His love FIRST through revelation by the Holy Spirit.  They experienced the Trinity in action to bring them ever closer to the heart of God.  They responded by choice, not obligation.  They were loved, so they loved back!  That is Kingdom intimacy, that is Kingdom worship, and that is the Greatest Commandment in ACTION!  We can love Him with all our heart, mind and soul, because we are loving Him back with our response to His love for us FIRST!  Then, we can love who we see in the mirror, because the lies are being completely destroyed by LOVE, and the first thing that changes in that exchange, is our identity.  Third, when we are free, we have to let the world know (think, the women at the well).  All three, are responses to His love FIRST.  THIS, is what we discovered this past Thursday night.  Nobody wanted to leave.  They wanted to continue.  One guy said, "I don't want to stop until I pass out!"  This is the real thing everyone is looking for in this world.

Thank you for continuing to pray for Rebekah and me! We need it, and we thrive from it.  Your prayers and support send us, and go before us, preparing the way for us to give the Gospel of the Kingdom away to as many who will listen.  The ones who do, are forever changed.

God bless you!

Kenny and Rebekah Peavy
Raised2walk Ministries

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Viva Cristo En Las Vegas!!

To our supporters, our prayer partners, friends, and family: thank you!!

This week, I traveled with my dear friend and electric guitarist Michael Olsen to Las Vegas. In a word, or FIVE, was incredible, difficult, tiring, exhausting, yet amazing! It was well fought, because there was incredible warfare, to say the least. I cannot go into particulars, but God met us as I shared and taught on Spiritual Warfare all week. Yes, that was my topic! I didn't just get to teach it, but more than that, we lived it. We had to. We experienced deliverance from major strongholds like rejection, abandonment, religion, and FEAR!!

We went from a super quiet school to CITIES ON A HILL! Friday night, the school went out to the Vegas strip, leading worship, preaching and praying over people! They are pumped, they know who they are, they are united, and they know how to war with the enemy for victory. They know this is a journey, a process with Christ. Most importantly, they met Jesus this week. Until this week. Many of these students knew all about Jesus, but had never met Him. Several we're so scared of rejection from others for their faith. True love causes true boldness to proclaim that love to as many as would hear.

They met Jesus, fell in love with Jesus, and with new Kingdom BOLDNESS, they are on fire!! Look at these pics of the crew burning their lies and reucing them to ashes, and then on the Vegas strip worshiping Jesus, and then praying over people! they are indeed a CITY ON THE HILL!!

Thank you for sending us to train others to know the true King Jesus, to live in the Kingdom and to give Him away in Kingdom power!

God bless you!!


Kenny Peavy

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Radiance International House of Prayer: Hollywood, CA

So, three months ago, I sat down with the my friend Sharon Ngai (Co-Founder of the Radiance International House of Prayer) to try and work out some dates to come and lead worship at one of their Sunday night worship events.  We found that July 28 would be the first Sunday evening I had open.

Fast-forward to this Sunday morning.  I had just finished leading worship at my church, HRock Church, and was putting things away backstage before I went to sit down in the service.  I received a text from my wife letting me know that our friends Lou and Terez Engle were going to be at Radiance in the same service that I was leading worship at.  COME ON!!  GOD IS GOOD!  But we also are aware of other things that we have been praying for in terms of direction and new seasons and what not, so Lou and Terez being at the House of Prayer we were going to be ministering at is seen as more than mere coincidence.  We have a tremendous heart for Hollywood, and for the wonderful and often times broken people who will do anything to have a moment in fame.  More on than in another blog.

So, after the conclusion of our church, we met with a dear lady we love so much for lunch, and then drove down to Radiance House of Prayer to rehearse for the worship that night.  Rehearsal turned into worship almost immediately.  One of the people I mentor, who is also in my band, Davide Honorat, also went with us.  We had a blast with these guys down there.  They are so hungry to see God do miracles in Hollywood!  They go from hours of praying for Hollywood, to hitting the streets of Hollywood looking or anyone willing or open to the Good News about Jesus.  They have already led "Batman" to the Lord.  If you are local, and know Hollywood Blvd., you know who I mean.  Anyway, we worshipped the Lord for a good 90 minutes or so, and we then felt the Lord transition to Lou.

Lou began to share the history of The Call, which was started out of our church at HRock, where Lou and Terez were two of our pastors.  But, as Lou shared, there is more to the story than that.  He said he got the download from the Lord when he was asked to come and speak in 1994 or so at a Taiwanese prayer meeting in LA.  He never got to speak because the crowd was so busy praying, they didn't remember that they had a speaker.  Lou said he was all upset because he didn't get to speak, but then the Lord prompted him to take note of the level of intercession he saw before him.  He was called at that moment to new levels of prayer in his life.  He said it was that moment that made him realize his passion, and what really moves mountains; PRAYER!

He exhorted us all to remember that the mountain God chose for His holy presence, Zion, was the smaller of the two mountains there.  As we looked out the window at the huge mountain that wears and displays the mighty Hollywood sign, Lou spoke that years ago, as his prayer team was praying for Hollywood, one of the intercessors saw one of the "L"s float out of the word, and move in the air over to Mount Wilson.  The L became part of the word "Wilson" to make the words "Will" and "Son".  The  new words were, "Holywood" the "Will" of the "Son".  God is going to redeem the city, redeem the calling, redeem the anointing of the city of Hollywood with true, citywide purity, the likes the world has never seen before.  With movies about Jesus, and about God coming out this year (I saw this prophetically on my deer stand last December), Hollywood is about to unleash a new wave of revival, and I am not sure if they even know it; or maybe our prayers are effecting those who are deciding what movies are coming out next.  It is for this reason he said, that HE AND TEREZ ARE MOVING BACK TO LOS ANGELES!  COME ON!  We were all so encouraged.

Rebekah and I were so encouraged for this reason.  We left Atlanta, Georgia in 2003 to move to Los Angeles, California because the Lord said that He was going to use us in the greatest revival known to man.  Revival, awakening, and city-wide transformation.  We are starting to see signs that this IS going to happen!!  More to come as we see things unfold.  Please be praying for us because we are sensing some new things God may be calling us into in the future, and we are asking for confirmation ten times over.  It would truly be what we believe we were called to Los Angeles to do.  We will share more as we can, but we so appreciate all of your prayers and support for us and our ministry at Raised2walk.

God bless you!


The view from Radiance International House of Prayer
My Radiance team, my David (right) and I opening Heaven
Our worship was so passionate!  I LOVE THESE GUYS!
We broke from worship into a war dance!

From Holiness, to jubilation, from intimacy to times of proclamation

Lou Engle drops wisdom bombs all night, and then prophesies so powerfully over "HOLYWOOD"!

Giving the Kingdom Away @ Youth With A Mission Nashville, TN

This past week was EPIC, but it started as an epic struggle.  As soon as I arrived to this base, I immediately endured what I later was able to understand to be a strong atmosphere of apathy and lethargy.  It was so thick.  It had completely changed some people I knew from this base.  I saw these people before as they lived in Kona, and then how they were when I arrived at the base, and they were completely different.  Subdued…like their passion had been sucked away from them.  This was week 4 in this school, yet I felt no prophecy, no spirit of worship, no identity, no victory in the air.  I felt…religion.  No person in the school was on fire, nor connected it seemed to why they were there in the first place.  They were learning about things, for sure, but they were not living the things they were learning about.  

PSALM 100:4
I came to speak on the Character of a Worship Leader, but never got to the teaching, because they would have just written it down and it would have meant nothing, because the listener was not ready.  Jesus was not in the room, and it was evident.  SO, we clashed and I invited Holy Spirit to the class, to the room, and let Him work; and we worshiped, and worshiped more.  I brought them through Psalm 100:4, which says we enter the gates in thanksgiving, and in the courts in praise, how we have to choose a personal heart of thanksgiving, something as small as a seed, but if it is our true personal thanksgiving to God, He can work with that.  Most in the room began to have an utter reality that they do not know God, yet they know all about Him.  Many knew God, but it was a memory from a while ago when they used to seek Him.  I encountered a relationship deprived group of people.  I heard stories later how they used to know Jesus, and be close, but a lapse in judgement here, and fall in sin there catapulted them into such shame and condemnation, and they have been on their own every since.  

We had a morning where Holy Spirit told me to share on the old man/new man paradigm.  Long story short, the Kingdom of Heaven was invited, the Kingdom of Heaven showed up, and the realm of apathy, lethargy, and outright indifference gave way to sons and daughters discovering Ephesians 1:17-20.  Basically, they discovered who God is, who they are, and what they are gonna do together in this life.  They discovered they are loved.  There is nothing they have to do perfectly to win His love.  They have to believe and receive they are loved by almighty God.  They also discovered that they never knew life on the God side of the cross.  See, we need a Savior on the old man side of the Cross, and He is always our Savior.  But on the God side, or the Kingdom side of the cross, we need Christ as LORD.  This is where religion comes in the way, because religion always has man as the head, not Christ as Lord.  We seek, we listen, and we obey on the Kingdom side of the cross.  So, I drew a line in the middle of the room, and asked everyone to start on what I called the old man side of the cross, choose whether or not they want to give their entire lives to Jesus, Lord and Savior, all the way, and cross the line to enter a brand new life in the Kingdom.  See, Jesus didn't just save us from hell, a life of sin, and separation from God relationally, He also saved us to LIFE!  Life with Him, intimacy, true sonship, true identity, the kind everyone on the old man side of the cross are still searching for.  Several students could not cross.  This was the defining moment in the week.  So, we began to walk together through why they couldn't cross over.  

END RESULT: 5 salvations, 13 deliverances, and one heck of a thursday night worship party!!  

Jasmine Rene's Moment 

After our time of celebration and worship came to a close, I decided to take everyone out for a celebration dinner: at 11:00 PM!  HAHA!  So, we decided on Steak N Shake.  We brought Jesus with us, because we are learning how to keep Him present-tense with us at all times.  Our waitress kept coming over to see us, and felt very drawn to us.  I felt in my spirit that she didn't know Jesus, and Holy Spirit began to speak to me about her situation and where she was in life.  Michael McClanahan, the School of Worship Director, came right out and asked her, "Jazzy, (name on her name tag) do you know Jesus?"  BAM!  Adda boy!  Michael, I am so proud of you!  She said, No, I don't."  He said, "Well, would you like to, because we do know Him."  So we invited her over to our table.  She sat down with us, and Vinny started us off by sharing with Jazzy (Jasmine Rene) what God had done to kill religion in his life this week.  He was electric!  I love that guy!  Then, Jackie shared of how far the Lord had taken her in her walk with Him, then Erin, then, Gabrielle, then Michael, then Anthony, and on and on.  
Then I began to share how God is after her with all the love she has been looking for and never found.  I explained to here that I saw a huge whole filled with wounds from results of trying to fill that whole with other things, and people.  They all failed her. But Jesus was designed to be in that whole in her heart, and her heart was designed to be filled with His love for her.  The presence of God was STUPID!!  LOL!  Incredibly thick.  I began to prophecy over her life, and she agreed that the things I was sharing with her was exactly where she was.  She gave her life to Jesus that night, and we all partied more!!  Gabrielle, one of the students then asked her if she knew what her name, Rene, meant.  She did not.  So Gabrielle shared with Jasmine Rene that "Rene" means "Born Again"!  PERFECT!  Then, the lights went out in the restaurant.  YEP.  The thunderstorm all around us knocked it out.  We spent another hour at least watching the most beautiful lightening storm, sharing with her, and listening to her story, and we found out that she is due in court this Thursday because she got caught with drugs!  So, I told her that the school will all be there to support her.  That is tomorrow.  They will all be there with her.  She is going to see God's hand of mercy on her.  She couldn't believe it! 

She is now planning to do her Discipleship Training School with Youth With A Mission, and she has dedicated her life to Christ!  And each student who was filled with religion just two days before, led her right to the Jesus they each just met.  Everyone shared their personal hearts, from their relationship, from their love for Christ with her.  I was so blessed to watch this unfold!  

It was a battle of a week, it went toe to toe, and Jesus won.  Even though it was week 4, the Lord shared with me the day I arrived, that it was their week number 1.  Pray for these guys.  They are awesome, and they are now chasing God, not religion.  Hallelujah!!

The core crew in the SOW in YWAM Nashville, Michael and Annie McClanahan Directors

Took the gang to Steak & Shake to celebrate Jesus being awesome

This is Jasmine Rene Steak & Shake waitress.  Day one of her new life in Christ

We are learning who we are, and what we can do!

Burning lies, letting go of wounds

Burning lies

This is Vinny, stupid prophetic, and free from religion

Burning lies, from ashes to beauty!! (Isa. 61:1-4)

Shaynee from Norway, even her feet prophecy, and she can dance!