Saturday, September 22, 2012

Viva Cristo En Las Vegas!!

To our supporters, our prayer partners, friends, and family: thank you!!

This week, I traveled with my dear friend and electric guitarist Michael Olsen to Las Vegas. In a word, or FIVE, was incredible, difficult, tiring, exhausting, yet amazing! It was well fought, because there was incredible warfare, to say the least. I cannot go into particulars, but God met us as I shared and taught on Spiritual Warfare all week. Yes, that was my topic! I didn't just get to teach it, but more than that, we lived it. We had to. We experienced deliverance from major strongholds like rejection, abandonment, religion, and FEAR!!

We went from a super quiet school to CITIES ON A HILL! Friday night, the school went out to the Vegas strip, leading worship, preaching and praying over people! They are pumped, they know who they are, they are united, and they know how to war with the enemy for victory. They know this is a journey, a process with Christ. Most importantly, they met Jesus this week. Until this week. Many of these students knew all about Jesus, but had never met Him. Several we're so scared of rejection from others for their faith. True love causes true boldness to proclaim that love to as many as would hear.

They met Jesus, fell in love with Jesus, and with new Kingdom BOLDNESS, they are on fire!! Look at these pics of the crew burning their lies and reucing them to ashes, and then on the Vegas strip worshiping Jesus, and then praying over people! they are indeed a CITY ON THE HILL!!

Thank you for sending us to train others to know the true King Jesus, to live in the Kingdom and to give Him away in Kingdom power!

God bless you!!


Kenny Peavy

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