Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Radiance International House of Prayer: Hollywood, CA

So, three months ago, I sat down with the my friend Sharon Ngai (Co-Founder of the Radiance International House of Prayer) to try and work out some dates to come and lead worship at one of their Sunday night worship events.  We found that July 28 would be the first Sunday evening I had open.

Fast-forward to this Sunday morning.  I had just finished leading worship at my church, HRock Church, and was putting things away backstage before I went to sit down in the service.  I received a text from my wife letting me know that our friends Lou and Terez Engle were going to be at Radiance in the same service that I was leading worship at.  COME ON!!  GOD IS GOOD!  But we also are aware of other things that we have been praying for in terms of direction and new seasons and what not, so Lou and Terez being at the House of Prayer we were going to be ministering at is seen as more than mere coincidence.  We have a tremendous heart for Hollywood, and for the wonderful and often times broken people who will do anything to have a moment in fame.  More on than in another blog.

So, after the conclusion of our church, we met with a dear lady we love so much for lunch, and then drove down to Radiance House of Prayer to rehearse for the worship that night.  Rehearsal turned into worship almost immediately.  One of the people I mentor, who is also in my band, Davide Honorat, also went with us.  We had a blast with these guys down there.  They are so hungry to see God do miracles in Hollywood!  They go from hours of praying for Hollywood, to hitting the streets of Hollywood looking or anyone willing or open to the Good News about Jesus.  They have already led "Batman" to the Lord.  If you are local, and know Hollywood Blvd., you know who I mean.  Anyway, we worshipped the Lord for a good 90 minutes or so, and we then felt the Lord transition to Lou.

Lou began to share the history of The Call, which was started out of our church at HRock, where Lou and Terez were two of our pastors.  But, as Lou shared, there is more to the story than that.  He said he got the download from the Lord when he was asked to come and speak in 1994 or so at a Taiwanese prayer meeting in LA.  He never got to speak because the crowd was so busy praying, they didn't remember that they had a speaker.  Lou said he was all upset because he didn't get to speak, but then the Lord prompted him to take note of the level of intercession he saw before him.  He was called at that moment to new levels of prayer in his life.  He said it was that moment that made him realize his passion, and what really moves mountains; PRAYER!

He exhorted us all to remember that the mountain God chose for His holy presence, Zion, was the smaller of the two mountains there.  As we looked out the window at the huge mountain that wears and displays the mighty Hollywood sign, Lou spoke that years ago, as his prayer team was praying for Hollywood, one of the intercessors saw one of the "L"s float out of the word, and move in the air over to Mount Wilson.  The L became part of the word "Wilson" to make the words "Will" and "Son".  The  new words were, "Holywood" the "Will" of the "Son".  God is going to redeem the city, redeem the calling, redeem the anointing of the city of Hollywood with true, citywide purity, the likes the world has never seen before.  With movies about Jesus, and about God coming out this year (I saw this prophetically on my deer stand last December), Hollywood is about to unleash a new wave of revival, and I am not sure if they even know it; or maybe our prayers are effecting those who are deciding what movies are coming out next.  It is for this reason he said, that HE AND TEREZ ARE MOVING BACK TO LOS ANGELES!  COME ON!  We were all so encouraged.

Rebekah and I were so encouraged for this reason.  We left Atlanta, Georgia in 2003 to move to Los Angeles, California because the Lord said that He was going to use us in the greatest revival known to man.  Revival, awakening, and city-wide transformation.  We are starting to see signs that this IS going to happen!!  More to come as we see things unfold.  Please be praying for us because we are sensing some new things God may be calling us into in the future, and we are asking for confirmation ten times over.  It would truly be what we believe we were called to Los Angeles to do.  We will share more as we can, but we so appreciate all of your prayers and support for us and our ministry at Raised2walk.

God bless you!


The view from Radiance International House of Prayer
My Radiance team, my David (right) and I opening Heaven
Our worship was so passionate!  I LOVE THESE GUYS!
We broke from worship into a war dance!

From Holiness, to jubilation, from intimacy to times of proclamation

Lou Engle drops wisdom bombs all night, and then prophesies so powerfully over "HOLYWOOD"!

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