Monday, May 11, 2015

Raised2walk Travels To Kona, Hawaii to YWAM

Ministering to students giving their lives to Christ
This trip to Kona Hawaii was so special because I got to bring two special bros in my life, Daniel Vincent, and James Jackson. They were so "instrumental" in what God did in the lives of everyone in the school. This school is called the Engage DTS, or Discipleship Training School. This school is designed to disciple young men and women to be missionaries of the Gospel of the Kingdom into the nations.  From the first minute on Monday, we jumped into new territory with the Holy Spirit, as He poured out His presence over all of us. It wasn't long until people were drawn into new understanding and encounters with the REAL God. Two main reactions happened that always show me evidence that the Kingdom is at hand. People were drawn to God with repentance, and people were super angry at what was happening. The end result was massive tension, which is what He always produces when His Kingdom invades a room. Unbelief is attacked with His active and overwhelming love that is so real and so specific to each person, they feel that they are the only one He is speaking to and loving on. Yet, He was loving on everyone in the room. In total, 13 people gave their lives to Jesus this week, and 21 came to be baptized in the ocean, right in front of King Kamehameha Hotel, and in front of many tourists from all over the world.  There were so many emotional healings and deliverances this week as well. A deliverance occurs when individuals are set free from various strongholds. Strongholds are patterns of thinking we cannot break, because they are founded or rooted in lies we have accepted, defended, and acted out of pertaining to "heart wounds" from others, or from ourselves.  This was a week of transformation, where the Bible came to life for these guys. They are sold out, hungry for more of the Lord, and passionate to love the unlovable all the way to Jesus. They are excited to preach the Gospel, do the works of the Kingdom, and disciple the nations! For those who support Raised2walk, we could not do this without you. Thank you so much for sending us!! Enjoy the pictures and captions. You helped make this happen. #Kingdom #Raised2walk #TEAM

Baptizing students in King Kamehameha inlet
Students honoring and praising their leaders and staff members

Students line up to bless the feet of the staff members who will lead them into the nations

These students publicly declared Jesus as the Christ, and were baptized!

Engage DTS 2015

Everyone attacked those baptized with words of love affirmation and encouragement

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