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2012 Raised2walk Year End Recap

WOW!  What an incredible Year!  This year started out quickly and didn't let up at all until this Christmas.  Let's see where to begin....  

Worship at Pasadena House of Prayer

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2012 Summary

All in all, there were 247 salvations that we personally know of and have recorded through Kenny's teachings this year, and there are many, many, more that we have heard of, but have not been able to verify.  Kenny personally baptized 87 people this year.  We spoke to audiences with as few as 25 and as many as 2,000. It didn't matter.  For every time that God spoke, people responded in repentance, and there was incredible breakthrough!

Also, through Through Global Media Outreach, we are leading dozens of people to Jesus each week!  Check it out here at, and ask us about this amazing innovation to reach the nations with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  Kenny has led more than 100 people to Jesus this year alone through GMO.

Kenny leads worship at New Life Church, Temecula, California
We had the opportunities to speak, teach, train and lead worship in many churches, youth groups, conferences, outreaches, missions organizations and more.  We traveled to Kona, Hawaii several times (TO TEACH, HONEST), Pismo Beach, California, Ensenada, Mexico, Tijuana Mexico, Catalina Island, CA, Hollywood, CA, Atlanta, GA, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, Torrance, CA, Las Vegas, NV, Nashville, TN, Temecula, CA, San Diego, CA, Toccoa, GA, and Walnut, CA.  Kenny traveled to many of these cities multiple times throughout the year to teach on the Word, and to disciple many young groups.  The testimonies are too many to recount here and now, but Kenny will be sharing some of them with you in the new year.

Here are some of the ministries and organizations Raised2walk worked with this year:

  1. HRock Church (Every Sunday, Kenny leads worship at HRock Church)
  2. Georgia Men's Advance (Kenny was asked to be main speaker with Mark Rutland)
  3. Youth With A Mission Kona (Kenny teaches 4 times per year @ YWAM Kona)
  4. Youth With A Mission San Diego/Baja
  5. Youth With A Mission Pismo Beach
  6. Radiance International House of Prayer  
  7. Youth With A Mission Nashville 
  8. Youth With A Mission Santo Domingo
  9. Atlanta Dream Center & Master's Commission
  10. Holy Spirit Encounter
  11. Regeneration
  12. New Life Church
  13. Sarang Church Of San Diego
The Peavy Family

Kenny teaches at YWAM in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic
New Year, New Season
  • A Home For Good - We Need Your Help With This One CLICK HERE
    • God is showing us that we are to make all efforts to move closer to Pasadena, where most of our local ministry is focused.  We do not own a home, and have been renting a house for 4 years now.  We believe God is moving us toward owning a home. We have NO idea how this is going to happen, but we believe with all our hearts that He is doing it, which means it is already a done deal!  Please be praying into that, as a miracle with our name on it is required.  If you feel led to partner with us to help us get into our permanent home, please CLICK HERE and the instructions will walk you through. Please identify your gift with the word "HOME".  We know that his sounds crazy to ask for help with a home, but He said to communicate it, so we are.  This will be our home base, our anchor, our sense of normalcy, our privacy, our consistency for our children, and everything a family needs for its health.                                                                                                              WE ARE SO GRATEFUL ALREADY FOR YOUR LOVE AND SUPPORT!  
  • Less Travel, More People, Finances
    • We feel God is pulling Kenny's travels back to more of a local reach for 2013.  He will still travel to speak and lead worship as God leads, but we believe this has to do with several strategies. 
      • Being home with family is top priority, because family comes first.  
      • More time committed to recording projects, and for Kenny's songs to be released to the nations, as well as raising up musicians and worship leaders.  
      • More ministry opportunities with houses of prayer and local ministries in Los Angeles, Southern California for both Kenny and Rebekah (Rebekah has strong word for 2013 and her ministry opportunities exploding).  We believe God is opening doors to more people who need to hear the Gospel right HERE in LA.  
      • We are asking that you consider supporting Raised2walk ministry in 2013.  Please pray about supporting the vision of revival, and discipleship in Pasadena, Los Angeles, Southern California.  
  • Long-Term Commitment To Discipleship (Worship)
    • God has shown Kenny of a 10-year vision to grow a culture of worship in churches, houses of prayer, and missions organizations in Southern California.  "From intimacy with Jesus, to the mission field with Kingdom POWER".  This has to do with short and long-term training schools, recording projects, song writing seminars, discipleship training and more for those who will be called to participate.  We need your prayers for this.       More on this in January.  
  • Kenny and Rebekah are Part-Time Pastors
    • We are serving at HRock Church in Pasadena in a part-time capacity as part of our hearts to minister to the younger generation in Los Angeles.  Kenny is worship pastor, and Rebekah pastors over moms.  Please pray for us as we follow God's will to show Jesus to a generation who has one foot in church, and another foot in Hollywood.  It is so difficult to shine His light in this city, for it will cost you everything to do so. 

Thank you for partnering with us this year, and through the years.  We love you very much and we pray God's blessings over you in the coming year!  BEST YEAR EVER FOR YOU!

God bless you!  

Kenny and Rebekah Peavy & Raised2walk Team

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